Banking sector tops consumer digital trust, finds Thales

Banking sector tops consumer digital trust, finds Thales

Thales, a leading global technology and security provider, has announced the findings of its 2024 Thales Digital Trust Index which reveals that the banking sector is most trusted when it comes to protecting personal data and delivering trusted digital experiences. Thales surveyed 12,426 consumers globally about their relationship with online brands and services, what privacy expectations they demand and how brands can earn their trust.

Danny de Vreeze, Vice President, Identity and Access Management at Thales, said: “Consumers place more trust in banking, healthcare and government services when it comes to sharing their personal data – a universal trend we’ve seen across all the markets surveyed. This is perhaps unsurprising when considering how highly regulated these industries are, the types of information they are responsible for handling and the measures they have put in place to keep consumer data secure.

“While businesses are subject to international data privacy laws no matter the sector, those further down the rankings have been subjected to fewer directives directly addressing both data security and privacy. As more businesses grow their digital presence, there are lessons to be learnt for non-regulated industries too, as consumer preferences are evolving.”

The research revealed that the vast majority of customers (89%) are willing to share their data with organisations, but that does come with some non-negotiable caveats.

More than four in five (87%) expect some level of privacy rights from the companies they interact with online.

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