Applaud launches time-saving AI ally for HR 

Applaud launches time-saving AI ally for HR 

Applaud, an employee experience platform, has announced the launch of its proprietary AI Assistant, leveraging next-gen Artificial Intelligence (AI) set to redefine the very fabric of HR service and delivery. This game-changing innovation will transform the employee experience. HR activities that employers and employees tackle everyday will be effortlessly streamlined and automated and entire knowledge bases become instantly accessible. 

Applaud’s AI Assistant represents a seismic shift in HR support; a far departure from traditional chatbots that misinterpret questions or serve the wrong answers. Built with next-gen AI, it can digest whole knowledge bases at the click of a button, answer very specific questions and complete tasks.  It minimises the reliance on traditional open ticket requests without the need to wait for human intervention. It will also enable instant access to personalised data such as leave balances or pay slips and streamline tasks for both HR users and employees.   

The introduction of AI-driven chatbots aligns with the industry’s growing need for efficient and streamlined HR processes – saving businesses both time and money by automating routine tasks and information requests. According to a recent survey by Gartner, the top three priorities for HR professionals are administrative tasks (53%), job description/skills data (52%) and employee-facing chatbots (51%). Applaud’s AI Assistant is purpose-built to tackle these precise challenges head-on, providing a tailored solution for HR professionals.  

Applaud’s AI assistant focuses on three key areas: 

Instant and intuitive support: Providing immediate and instinctive support, Applaud’s AI Assistant delivers prompt responses without the need for training. It understands spelling errors and vague language used by employees, ensuring seamless and accurate communication. In instances of uncertainties or unknowns, the AI transparently offers alternative suggestions, enhancing the support experience. 

Versatile connectivity: Effortlessly integrating with over 1,000 connectors, Applaud’s AI Assistant system showcases adaptability and continuous learning, enabling limitless data storage. Its compatibility extends to popular platforms such as Teams and ServiceNow, ensuring smooth integration across widely-used systems and applications.  

Personalised user experience: Built to tailor information based on individual attributes, Applaud’s AI Assistant excels in delivering personalised data for a hyper-customised experience. It streamlines user actions by enabling tasks like raising cases, improving the speed at which employees can contact HR and accessing analytics dashboards. This simplification enhances user engagement and overall efficiency. 

Duncan Casemore, Co-founder and CTO at Applaud, said, “Our mission is to bring seamless, consumer-level technology experiences to the workplace. The launch of our new AI assistant is another huge step on this journey. We’re using the power of AI to save employers and employees time, energy and resources and make the whole employee experience better.”  

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