Leading Digital Transformation in Oman

Leading Digital Transformation in Oman

Ooredoo is committed to supporting Oman in becoming a leading economic force in a rapidly evolving digital era. With an increasing demand from customers for a fast, reliable network, Ooredoo provides hyper-connectivity, broadens Internet accessibility and creates a seamless and unparalleled digital customer experience. The company invests in transformative technologies and prioritises innovation. Saoud Al-Riyami, Chief Business and Wholesale Officer, Ooredoo, discusses the leading role Ooredoo plays in contributing to Oman’s Digital Transformation and how it keeps up with its customers’ growing digital demands.

How do you ensure the company is ahead of the curve with innovation?

As part of our Digital Transformation journey, Ooredoo Oman has developed an ambitious long-term technology strategy, focusing on network strengthening and expansion while championing innovation.

By investing in transformative technologies, we have been able to provide hyper-connectivity, broaden Internet accessibility and add more value to our offerings to create a seamless and unparalleled digital customer experience (CX). We have continued to stay ahead of the curve by putting our customers first and spearheading technology innovation to boost our overall digital CX. As a result of this, we have been able to grow new revenue streams beyond connectivity and upgrade the worlds of our customers as we aim to unleash the digital potential of people across Oman.

Ooredoo Oman has been focused on the roll-out of 5G in order to revolutionise connectivity for all. 5G provides the foundation for integrating key transformative technologies on which we continue to focus. These technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), FinTech, Virtual Reality, cloud solutions, SD-WAN and other high-growth sectors.

Developing our infrastructure is also key to staying at the forefront of development and meeting our customers’ evolving digital requirements. Our 7,000 sqm flagship data centre in Muscat was inaugurated in 2021, while we have continued to build three additional state-of-the-art data centres in Barka, Salalah and Sohar; two of which are now ready for operation.

Moreover, we believe in incorporating valuable customer feedback to upgrade our offerings and we are leading the way in offering a highly personalised digital CX. Customer feedback is one of our top KPIs as customers understand their specific needs and pain points well, and we value their input, which is part of our business process.

All of these innovative endeavours allow us to gain a competitive edge by effectively addressing customer needs and expectations.

Which stage is Oman at in terms of Digital Transformation?

Broad Digital Transformation continues to further accelerate economic growth and strengthen the nation’s standing in the global knowledge and information economy. This is at the heart of Oman’s Vision 2040 – the government’s blueprint for the nation’s long-term socio-economic development.

In 2017, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) started developing a 2030 Digital Oman Strategy (eOman) focused on a digitally inclusive society based on digital literacy, developing IT skills and capabilities, digitalisation of government processes and services and encouraging the development of new technologies.

We have been committed to contributing to Oman’s Digital Transformation over the years and to continue to play a leading role. We invest in transformative technologies that both broaden Internet accessibility and strengthen the digital communications ecosystem across the country.

How are you supporting Oman Vision 2040?

With many special projects in the pipeline and specific sectors strategically targeted for further economic growth and development by the government, the creation of a knowledge-based economy is an essential component of Oman’s economic diversification process. Meanwhile, a strong and resilient telecoms industry is the foundation for driving Digital Transformation as it provides connectivity infrastructures.

The company has always been committed to supporting Oman in becoming a leading economic force in a rapidly evolving digital era. Ooredoo contributes to Oman transforming into a leading regional hub for innovation and economic growth. Hence, throughout 2023, we have been delivering on our promise to upgrade the worlds of its customers, whether for business, pleasure or personal use.

Our digital offerings are customisable, flexible and able to grow and adapt; Ooredoo offers a client-tailored, omni-channel, data-driven, intent-based and reliable end-to-end CX coupled with seamless and on-demand digital business offerings that are simple, intuitive, enabling business owners to focus on growth and not worry about their communications services. Our customers include larger corporate customers but also small and home offices and small- and medium-sized enterprises, and with our flexible, customisable and value-added services, they can thrive. With support from Ooredoo as a provider of a holistic communications proposition, these entities can also create job opportunities for Omanis and contribute to Oman’s economic development; all of which is aligned with Oman’s Vision 2040.

Tell us more about why you decided to join the Internet of Things World Alliance.

Ooredoo Group recently joined the Internet of Things (IoT) World Alliance, the world’s largest mobile network operator cooperative, primarily to drive connectivity to the next level. After all, IoT technology is all about connectivity and that is where Ooredoo plays an important role, especially regarding 5G-powered IoT solutions, while our reliable and ultrafast 5G network continues to expand.

We decided to join the IoT World Alliance because a partnership with such a global alliance enables Ooredoo to collaborate with other IoT service providers, chip manufacturers, solution developers and other stakeholders from around the world.

Ooredoo has been at the forefront of adopting IoT, while we understand how IoT can benefit our customers. The IoT technology has been driving Industry 4.0, resulting in more Smart devices that are connected to the Internet in today’s hyper-connected world.

How are your customers’ digital needs growing?

With so many aspects of people’s lives now online, the demand for customisable solutions and a fast, reliable network is constantly increasing. Today’s customers expect personalised, seamless and streamlined digital experiences for their businesses. Keeping up with their ever-changing expectations requires prioritising innovation and infrastructural investments, strategic partnerships and excellent customer service. But businesses need great connectivity and solutions to optimise their growth and reach customers countrywide and on-the-go.

On another note, the changes in consumer behaviour reflect that mobile devices are increasingly used for web-based digital services and with more businesses conducting transactions, sales and marketing online, we have needed to adapt to these changes by further expanding our network, promising better connectivity, higher speeds and, of course, enhanced security and even hosting.

Business customers value one-stop solutions that streamline their operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. In this context, we have further upgraded our Maktabi, office-in-a-box solutions. Our business customers have and expect seamless access to high-quality products and services, including highly innovative digital solutions as businesses are doing more and more digitally. Currently, digital plans make up around 14% of the business postpaid base and this number is growing at a fast pace.

How do you ensure that your networks are reliable and trustworthy?

Deploying reliable, trustworthy, robust and fast networks is part of our mission, as we aim to deliver relevant services that give people nationwide access to seamless connectivity. We invest in network resilience, such as cybersecurity, to protect our networks and customer data and other types of intelligent solutions. To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, we continue leveraging technologies and focus on strategic partnerships, as the latter allows us to share best practices and exchange knowledge.

What’s next for Ooredoo Oman Business Group?

Ooredoo has a robust strategy to ensure the organisation is future-proofed and well-placed to leverage transformative technologies, partnerships and experiences for continued success. The role of reliable connectivity has never been more important, alongside constant innovation, and we will continue to shoulder this responsibility with pride.

We will continue to lead the digital space world through our dedicated B2B App and other leading products and services. In addition, innovation through our cutting-edge products, services and solutions, as well as network expansion and strengthening, will remain at the heart of our future growth plans.

Our commitment to adopting a customer-centric approach is central to being trusted by the businesses, both large and small, and this is an area we will keep building on to remain at the forefront of the development of Oman. We will continue to focus on upgrading our solutions and services and enhancing our business support systems and ever-expanding ICT capabilities and solutions, which are putting us well ahead of the game.

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