Deep Dive: Barrie Green, Regional Vice President UKI Broad Markets and Middle East at Appian

Deep Dive: Barrie Green, Regional Vice President UKI Broad Markets and Middle East at Appian

Digital Transformation is a costly challenge 

In this interview, Barrie Green, Regional Vice President for UKI and Middle East at Appian talks about process automation. 

Although today’s fast-paced business environment demands digital transformation (DT), the reality is that a large proportion of DT initiatives fall short of their goals. Harvard Business Review reports that a staggering 70% of all DT initiatives fail, with an estimated $900 billion of the $1.3 trillion spent on Digital Transformation going to waste.   

Amidst this challenge, the Appian Platform is leading the way. Appian, a leader in low-code automation, offers a comprehensive solution to organisations striving for digital excellence. With a strong presence in the Middle East, Appian has supported regional clients for 14 years, driving job creation and contributing to the 2030 vision. 

Key Business Initiatives Addressed by Appian:  

  • Drive Operational Excellence: Appian empowers organisations to streamline their operations, root out inefficiencies, and optimise costs. 
  • Modernise Legacy Systems: Legacy systems are often plagued by complexity and high maintenance costs and can hinder progress. Appian provides a route to modernisation.  
  • Data-Driven Digital Strategy: In the modern age, Appian enables businesses to make informed decisions and help then maintain their competitive edge.  
  • Intelligent Automation: Appian’s intelligent automation capabilities reduce manual work which enhances efficiency. 
  • Leveraging Low Code : With a user-friendly low-code platform Appian enables developers and non-developers alike to create applications with speed and ease.
  • Accelerate Time to Outcome: Appian expedites the journey toward digital transformation thus ensuring that organisations achieve their goals efficiently.   
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