Electrolux Group develops vacuum cleaner made of up to 44% recycled material

Electrolux Group develops vacuum cleaner made of up to 44% recycled material

In its ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and products, Electrolux Group has developed a vacuum cleaner made of up to 44% recycled material. 

The Electrolux brand Ultimate700 vacuum is powerful yet has a reduced environmental impact when compared with other vacuums. Its paint-free surface removes the use of chemicals in the manufacturing process; the colours are created with new recycled plastic formulations that range from 36% to 44% recycled material by weight, depending on colour and nozzles. The calculation considers the vacuum itself, complete with nozzle accessories – but minus the charging stand, battery, adapter and filters.

There’s a growing demand for pistol-style cordless vacuum cleaners globally. The Ultimate700 meets that demand while also meeting consumers’ desire to buy from companies operating sustainability. The vacuum is available for purchase in the United States.

“The development of the Ultimate700 was driven by the same approach to sustainability that ensured we recently achieved our science-based, climate target three years ahead of plan,” said Ricardo Cons, CEO of Electrolux Group North America. “For future products we develop, we’ll continue to add more recycled content at increasing levels. This is just the beginning.” 

GreenCircle Certified is a third party vendor that verified the company’s recycled content promise. The certification demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to reuse materials and to reduce reliance on virgin materials. GreenCircle partners with companies like Amazon and Wayfair to help consumers shop sustainably with confidence. Electrolux Group is proud to achieve GreenCircle’s Recycled Content certification to provide transparency to our customers. 

Electrolux Group North America’s Head of Sustainability, Tara Helms, said: “We are breaking new ground in terms of circularity, innovation and reduced environmental impact with this range of vacuum cleaners. It’s one more critical step in addressing the product carbon footprint.”

As a pioneer, Electrolux Group was first in the industry in 2010 to raise awareness about the global shortage of recycled plastics through the Vac from the Sea project. The volume of products containing recycled material has since increased across the industry but remain at low levels. To step up the pace, Electrolux Group has utilised recycled plastics globally in a variety of stick and cannister vacuum models since 2013.

By 2030, Electrolux Group’s goal is to increase the proportion of recycled plastic used in its products to 50%. The lessons from developing the Ultimate700 will provide important insights for future product innovations.

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