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Three in ten employees avoid the office because of their boss

Three in ten employees avoid the office because of their boss

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Three in ten employees with hybrid working options say their manager or boss being in the office puts them off from coming in more regularly, according to new research from beyond.   

The workspace provider commissioned an independent survey of 1,262 UK adults in part time or full time employment, unearthing the top reasons hybrid workers avoid commuting into the office more often. 

Cost is the most significant factor, with two-thirds (67%) saying the rising cost of living has made them want to work remotely more often for cost-savings reasons.

Over half (54%) say they would go in more if their place of work was better located (in an area that had more things to their liking or was nearer to their home), while 38% wish the workspace itself was of a better standard. 

This comes as 30% say they would head into their workplace more often if their boss was not there. The same number (30%) of hybrid workers say their employer does not offer them the working arrangements that they would like.

Wybo Wijnbergen, CEO of beyond, said: “Our research clearly shows that when a business has a sub-par workspace – inaccessible, unappealing location or lacking in good facilities – people’s motivation to brave the commute is likely to wane. The cost of living crisis has accentuated this point, with employees increasingly having to consider how much it costs them to commute.” 

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