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New Applaud report reveals only one in 10 HR professionals leverage AI

New Applaud report reveals only one in 10 HR professionals leverage AI

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HR professionals are missing out on significant workload optimisation as only 10% frequently use AI in their roles, according to the latest study by the employee experience platform, Applaud.

The 2024 Digital Employee Experience Trends report shows that Generative AI assistants can slash HR caseloads by at least 50%. By harnessing raw content existing in any format (CSV files, PDFs, Word documents, etc.) and employee data stored across various sources, AI can help craft perfectly written answers every time.

The challenge deepens for HROs as they navigate time constraints, talent shortages and the imperative to embrace technology efficiently. With just one-tenth of professionals leveraging AI, there’s a crucial demand for HR to strategically optimise technology decisions. In fact, according to the report, nearly nine in 10 (89%) would look to increase their HR tech investment in the next year, but finding the right technology fit is the biggest barrier to adoption.

In the pursuit of profitable growth in 2024, HR must reevaluate recruitment and training strategies, addressing digital skills gaps through personalised training and strategically hiring AI experts on flexible employment contracts. This strategic approach will encourage a diverse, skilled workforce, promoting adaptability and cost-effectiveness to overcome skills shortages and transition to a future-ready, tech-enabled workplace.

Duncan Casemore, CTO and Co-founder of Applaud, said: “Embracing AI in HR isn’t just a trend but a strategic move toward establishing a tech-enabled workplace fit for the future. Whilst budget constraints continue to present a challenge, organisations must future-proof their HR tools by seamlessly integrating AI features early on. Therefore, HR professionals must transition from mere technology users to becoming advocates in spearheading its adoption.”

The 2024 Digital Employee Experience Trends report gives organisations the tools and industry insights to confidently embrace Generative AI’s transformative power. It highlights how AI-powered dashboards can help HR professionals gain valuable insights into employee turnover and retention, tech adoption and various employee performance and engagement metrics.

While many organisations are still concerned about the use of AI, the report highlights that with research, detailed policies and a commitment to its responsible use, concerns about safety and transparency can be effectively managed.

In fact, the ethical deployment of AI not only fosters trust but contributes to a workplace that prioritises fairness, openness and the well-being of its employees. Notably, 53% of engaged employees are comfortable with AI at work, compared to 30% of disengaged employees, showing a positive link between sentiment and AI adoption. Therefore, integrating AI into an employee experience strategy will immediately boost workforce satisfaction and lay the groundwork for broader AI adoption across the business.

“As a strategic partner within the organisation, HR will play a defining role in setting the tone for embracing AI, ensuring your employees feel confident to use it safely. In many cases, the threat of AI taking jobs is real, so it’s important that individuals feel empowered to show that when harnessed, AI can enhance an individual’s performance rather than replace them altogether,” concluded Casemore.

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