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Significant growth in digital marketing skills carries the IT, technology and telecoms industry

Significant growth in digital marketing skills carries the IT, technology and telecoms industry

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2023 has been a year filled with unprecedented challenges affecting every industry, including IT, technology and telecoms, with the cost of living crisis remaining a prominent concern. Businesses across the sector have come to recognise the pivotal role of marketing in communicating reassurance and building trusting relationships with customers, clients and suppliers.

The latest Digital Marketing Skills Benchmarking Report, published by the training body, Target Internet, in association with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), reveals a shift towards a digital-first approach among businesses. Marketers are enhancing their digital competencies, with significant, consistent improvements observed in social media and SEO skills.

Last year’s report analyses data from more than 10,000 marketing professionals, gathered between 2018 to 2023 and highlights key short- and medium-term trends, opportunities and challenges across the marketing sector.

Although the IT, technology and telecoms industry has historically lagged behind in numerous marketing disciplines, positive growth is now evident across most areas. Notable statistics include a 16% increase in e-commerce skills and a 14% rise in social media skills compared to 2021 figures. 

Despite these improvements, the industry still falls below average in most areas, with a tendency to be overconfident in its skill levels. General marketing skills dropped by 5% compared to 2021. Additionally, the industry has a 49% confidence level for its analytics and data skills, however only achieved a skill rating of 34%. The sector can therefore make further improvements to its digital marketing skills. 

The report discusses how IT, technology and telecoms businesses can improve their reach and engagement with their customer base by successfully utilising digital platforms and strategies. With many marketers being forced to adjust to a variety of emerging technologies including Generative AI, Google Analytics 4, Web3, an ever growing MarTech stack and an increasing number of social media platforms – it comes as little surprise that the range of skills expected from marketing professionals in the IT, technology and telecoms industry continues to expand.

Marie Wilcox, Panaseer, CIM South East Chair, said: “General marketing notwithstanding, this is a hugely encouraging set of results from the industry for its marketing capabilities. Five disciplines saw double digit growth, with a number of others not far behind, providing an excellent platform for further development.”

The industry anticipates further macroeconomic disruptions over the next 12 months. Therefore, marketers’ adaptability and responsiveness to industry changes will become increasingly more vital. A commitment to continuous learning in relation to digital skills will equip marketers with the ability to address challenges and build stronger connections with customers, as well as enhance their career development.

CEO of Target Internet, Daniel Rowles, said: “This year’s benchmark outcomes underscore significant opportunities as well as notable risks for businesses of all kinds. Companies and individuals that adopt a culture of continuous professional development have a genuine chance to distinguish themselves, especially as technology continues to develop at pace. Moreover, it emphasises that reducing investments in training proves to be an ineffective strategy for increasing productivity and driving growth.”

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