Workspace 365 launches renewed digital workplace

Workspace 365 launches renewed digital workplace

Manchester-based digital workplace platform, Workspace 365, has unveiled a plethora of enhancements, as it continues its mission to empower employees by offering a personal, relevant and simplified digital workplace.

The all-in-one adaptive digital workplace provides personalised access to all applications, company information and personal documents on any device. The newly launched version is based on user experience (UX) research and offers even more simplified access, communication and workflows.

With these improvements, Workspace 365 aims to fully unlock the digital work focus for employees, empowering them to work more productively and efficiently. Currently, more than 2,300 organisations are using Workspace 365.

Technology increases job complexity

With job complexity increasing at a rapid pace and employees struggling with too many systems, creating a simplified digital workplace is key. According to a recent Gartner survey, 47% of employees are struggling to find information to perform their jobs effectively. Meanwhile, another Gartner study showed that 68% of businesses are replacing software more frequently since 2021 as a result of Digital Transformation, making daily operations even more complex. The problem is often that the digital workplace strategy is almost exclusively IT-led and not focused on what employees actually need at an individual level to perform efficiently and well. The result is a digital workplace that is complicated, distracting and makes the search for relevant documents and applications time-consuming and frustrating. The renewed Workspace 365 solves this problem entirely by providing a simplified digital workplace that creates and supports digital focus.

Digital focus

Erik Nicolai, Founder and CEO of Workspace 365, said: “We fully understand that employees struggle with information and technology overload and we are certain that simplifying the digital workplace ensures more productivity, saves time and improves employees’ happiness.

“We conducted extensive UX-based research as the basis for this new and improved version. As a result, we decluttered the interface and simplified the digital workplace further to improve digital focus. Unlike many systems developed solely on the basis of what technology can do, Workspace 365 is based on what users actually need to thrive in a fast-paced and constantly evolving digital world.”

New features

With the user experience in mind, Workspace 365 has upgraded the design and made the navigation more efficient. The new version also ensures optimal use of space within the interface, allowing the user to customise the workplace even more to suit their needs. The interface is now consistent across all devices to cater to personal working styles and patterns.

Proven success

That simplification of the digital workplace does indeed make for happier employees and more efficient operations is confirmed by Christiaan de Vin, Senior Product Development Manager Workspace Services at Orange Business: “With Workspace 365, we provide employees with one central digital starting point to access everything they need. And when they log in, everything’s there for them to do their job, as we put a layer of simplicity on top of complexity, making everyone’s experience so much easier – it’s a really powerful and productive proposition,” concluded De Vin.

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