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Climate action at work made easy with launch of Hurd

Climate action at work made easy with launch of Hurd

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A new, free app called Hurd has launched, which helps employees demand more and do more on climate at work.

Hurd presents workers an opportunity to anonymously rate their company’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis, share success stories from their workplace and use the platform’s e-learning resources to help them do more in their job.

Available on three platforms – Apple, Android and web – Hurd is designed to help employees connect their passion for contributing to the climate crisis to their jobs.

According to a recent study by Kite Insights, 83% of employees say they want to act on climate at work, and 70% say the ability to act on climate at work is important to their motivation and well-being.

Hurd will help users in four ways:

●       Rate your company on how it involves you in climate action – and what it can change

●       Inspire and be inspired by sharing climate action success stories

●       Join a community of like-minded people in other organisations

●       Learn how you can make a difference in your role and industry

Sophie Lambin, founder & CEO of Hurd, said: “With Hurd, we want to focus on people as the ultimate force behind the potential to unlock positive tipping points.

“People and their willingness and ability to act at work is still untapped. Let’s give people the voice, the tools and the network to contribute to shifting the whole system faster and in a way that is inclusive.”

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