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Rising demand for menopause support in the workplace: new data reveals urgent need for action

Rising demand for menopause support in the workplace: new data reveals urgent need for action

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VinciWorks, a renowned compliance and diversity and inclusion training provider, has conducted new research into Google’s online search patterns, shedding light on the growing need for menopause support in the workplace. 

Recent findings demonstrate a significant increase in online searches related to menopause and workplace adjustments, indicating a pressing demand for more inclusive workplaces. Online queries for ‘menopause and workplace adjustments’ have surged by a staggering 80% over the past four years (data analysed from October 2019 to September 2023). In parallel, searches for ‘menopause training course and menopause awareness training’ have risen by 75% over the same period.

Furthermore, searches for ‘menopause support in the workplace’ have increased 63% in the last four years. Intriguingly, the term ‘menopause-friendly workplace’ also saw a 63% uptick.

Nick Henderson-Mayo, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at VinciWorks, highlighted the significance of these findings, stating: “What’s clear is that menopause and its symptoms are becoming increasingly crucial issues that organisations need to address. The fact that searches for menopause and workplace adjustments have surged by 80% over the past four years indicates that employees want this issue to be taken more seriously and seek support from their employers to navigate this challenging phase.”

As more women and transgender individuals experience menopause, the need for workplace support becomes even more evident. According to an Office for National Statistics report, approximately 4.5 million women aged 50-64 are currently employed, with many contemplating leaving their jobs due to menopausal symptoms.

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