DigitalAPICraft partners with Google for API marketplace growth

DigitalAPICraft partners with Google for API marketplace growth

Organisations around the world are rushing to build API (application programming interface) marketplaces to foster greater connectivity between them and their partners and users. Global spend on API marketplaces is set to reach US$50 billion by 2030 and helping organisations make them a success, DigitalAPICraft has announced their partnership with Google and the appointment of HSBC exec, Marco Tedone, as CTO as they scale the business. 

APIs form the connection points between platforms and ecosystems. Every connected mobile app, every website and every application deployed on a cloud service uses APIs and the number of APIs within organisations is growing rapidly. This has led to the prominence of API marketplaces which provide numerous benefits to developers and organisations. They simplify the process of designing and developing new applications and integrating and managing existing ones. 

A major advantage of the API marketplace is improved collaboration, as APIs facilitate seamless communication among various cloud applications and platforms. This allows for automated workflows and enhanced collaboration in the workplace, bridging the gaps between disconnected systems and preventing information silos that can hamper productivity.

Bharath Kumar, CEO and Founder of Digital API Craft, said: “Large organisations often operate in isolated silos, each composed of numerous factory teams. One recurring challenge faced by these enterprises is the need for standardisation of tools and the consolidation of platforms and runtimes. This issue is compounded by the growing complexity of APIs, including various types such as Rest, GraphQL, AsyncAPI, gRPC, SOAP and others.

“Enterprises grapple with multiple API platforms such as Apigee, Kong, Mulesoft, Azure, AWS spanning the multi-cloud and on-premises environments. This diversity poses API security risks, with numerous unmanaged and unsecured APIs, as well as ad-hoc API development practices, further complicated by irregular developer and partner onboarding processes.

“An API Marketplace would serve as a unified platform to consolidate existing tools and API platforms used by various teams and groups, providing a consolidated API catalogue view and fostering collaboration and standardisation throughout the enterprise.”

DigitalAPICraft is partnering with Google Cloud as an ISV (independent software vendor) partner and the DigitalAPICraft white-labelled enterprise API Marketplace is now available on Google Cloud marketplace. This partnership allows Google Cloud customers to quickly integrate with DigitalAPICraft and underlines the strength and depth of the offer. It offers a unique scale-up opportunity for the company. 

DigitalAPICraft has also appointed Marco Tedone as CTO. He joins the company with nearly two decades banking experience, the last 12 of which while working for HSBC, where he led the API Strategy and Governance as well as Modern Architectures for the group.

DigitalAPICraft was founded in 2017 by Bharath Kumar. He and the core technical team were part of the team that built the Apigee Edge API platform (part of Google Cloud). Today, they are a global team of over 100 spread across the US, UK and India. 

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