Largest ever HYPERVSN holographic display unveiled at Las Vegas MSG Sphere

Largest ever HYPERVSN holographic display unveiled at Las Vegas MSG Sphere

State-of-the-art music and entertainment venue, MSG Sphere, is the world’s largest spherical structure at 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide – tall enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside. Now open to the public, the entrance atrium area showcases HYPERVSN’s largest-ever 30 x 50-foot holographic display wall alongside real-life humanoid robots that greet you on arrival, a 360-degree avatar capture and a beam-forming sound display.

“We believe this is the world’s largest holographic technology project to date. Experiences of this size won’t just stop attendees in their tracks but lead to unforgettable moments from the first interaction,” said HYPERVSN’s CEO, Kiryl Chykeyuk.

Built for immersive experiences, the MSG Sphere sits at the heart of the bustily Las Vegas strip at The Venetian Resort. The ambitious 50-foot-high installation project included 420 individual SmartV HYPERVSN displays fixed to a secure rack that hangs from the atrium wall. These displays are then connected and synchronised with the HYPERVSN SmartV system to form one cohesive 2D or 3D HD holographic visual image in immaculate detail.

“Expectations among the Las Vegas crowd are immense, with the race to impress with bigger and better spectacles a given down the strip. The HYPERVSN SmartV Wall at the MSG Sphere is a beautiful piece of a larger puzzle, creating immersive, unforgettable experiences that have never been done before,” said Chykeyuk.

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