E-commerce report: 64% of UK consumers favour personalised video chat demos

E-commerce report: 64% of UK consumers favour personalised video chat demos

A recent survey conducted by Stellar Global, a leading innovator in virtual retail experiences, has shed light on the increasing significance of video chat in enhancing the way consumers engage with online commerce. 

The survey addressed a range of topics related to online shopping and the utilisation of video chat for customer support. 

The concept of online video chat for e-commerce has gained significant traction, with 63.1% of respondents displaying awareness or familiarity with the tool. This surge in visibility highlights the growing influence of the technology.

In the realm of online support, a noteworthy 71.3% of participants disclosed their engagement with tools like live chat or virtual assistants to clarify product details and address concerns prior to making purchase choices.

An intriguing insight emerged as 43.7% of respondents confessed to having made online purchases without a complete grasp of the product’s features as a result of not using online commerce video chat.

For substantial purchases online, the allure of a video chat customer assistant was evident, with 66.2% of participants expressing that this feature would significantly enhance their comfort during the decision-making process.

The significance of personalised video chat demonstrations emerged, with 64% of respondents revealing that such offerings would sway them towards purchasing from a particular brand.

Moreover, the impact of interactive support on shopping cart abandonment became clear as 60% of participants conveyed that access to an online video chat with a product expert would mitigate the likelihood of leaving their shopping carts behind.

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