On Course Golf supports franchise network with Intelligent Reach and Marketplacer

On Course Golf supports franchise network with Intelligent Reach and Marketplacer

On Course Golf, Australia’s largest pro-golf shop network, tees up with Intelligent Reach and Marketplacer to support its franchise network to create a seamless marketplace.

Marketplacer, a global technology platform that enables brands, retailers, suppliers, communities and innovators to easily build and grow successful online marketplaces at scale, has announced a partner agreement with Intelligent Reach, the provider of a best-in-class product marketing platform which enables customers to manage cross-channel product marketing and seamlessly manage stock and order management across marketplaces.

The partnership between the two companies aims to help retailers sell online and enable growth of their e-commerce business via marketplaces. While Marketplacer provides seamless technology for brands to launch their own marketplaces, Intelligent Reach helps retailers sell products through digital channels and marketplaces, maintain accurate stock levels synced in real-time and easily integrate into any product data system, including legacy solutions.

A key benefit of the partner agreement is that Intelligent Reach will now be able to support Marketplacer marketplaces which want to sell their products through other digital channels, such as Google and Facebook and other marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon.

Andrew Thomas, CTO, Intelligent Reach

“Intelligent Reach benefits from this partnership as it incentivizes retailers to use our platform to enhance their experience of selling online and easily integrate with the many marketplaces that Marketplacer offers,” said Andrew Thomas, CTO, Intelligent Reach.

“Likewise, Marketplacer benefits because it can quickly on-board retailers to its platform, which provides some advantages – firstly to get their clients live and selling quicker and secondly to enable their clients to onboard new sellers quicker – without consuming internal IT resources.”

Marketplacer customers will now be able to onboard their own products and products from third-party sellers with the Intelligent Reach Marketplace modules, while also being assisted with running feed-driven marketing via its Feeds module.

“We ultimately want to help retailers and brands build a fully optimized end-to-end e-commerce selling experience, from when products are put online to when they are delivered. By integrating into Marketplacer we also enable our existing retailers to sell into more places, helping to grow their overall sales,” said Thomas.

Through the Intelligent Reach platform, retailers can quickly and easily add their products to Marketplacer powered marketplaces, while managing and improving the visibility of their products for each one, at scale, from one centralized location. This is all thanks to Intelligent Reach’s advanced approach to product data management and order management – optimizing feeds via content experimentation, smart rules and real-time syncing of stock inventory levels.

John Mullins, Chief Alliance Officer, Marketplacer

John Mullins, Chief Alliance Officer, Marketplacer, said: “We are redefining who can launch marketplaces, giving anyone a platform to bring their ideas to life online. Retailers are using it to grow their product range overnight, franchises are using it to bring their regional stores online and brands are using it to sell directly to consumers. Our aim is to help rapidly onboard retailers on to Marketplacer marketplaces, however, the quality of product data underlying marketplace promotion is a vital component of a successful selling strategy. Without attribute-rich, complete and relevant product data, products won’t be shown nor sold online.

“By partnering with Intelligent Reach, we’ll be able to enhance the quality of product data, making products visible and sold more often, more easily across Marketplacer marketplaces. In addition, Intelligent Reach will also offer our customers a platform to manage inventory and orders from one place, via syncing in real-time, enhancing the customer experience.

“Our customers will also be able to scientifically test their product titles and images to prove which variations improve product visibility, enhance impressions and clicks and increase sales. This will solve the difficulties of poor quality data and a lack of relevancy affecting product visibility.”

On Course Golf teams up with Intelligent Reach and Marketplacer

The combination of Marketplacer and Intelligent Reach technologies is already paying dividends with On Course Golf, Australia’s largest pro-golf shop network.

With over 200 member stores, On Course Golf faced challenges when building a proprietary marketplace via Marketplacer, to enable its members to all sell online via one common Marketplacer platform.

These included streamlining the upload of product data (avoiding manual input), integrating its member point of sales (POS) systems, including XPOS and Vend, into the marketplace and syncing product, stock and sales data for easy inventory accuracy.

The organization has now deployed Intelligent Reach’s pre-built integration to Marketplacer and integrated it with the On Course Golf member’s POS system. In addition, it has seamlessly centralized product, stock and sales data for accuracy across its member’s web shops while automating syncing and populating products into its marketplace and its member’s web shops.

“We had a unique and challenging integration between our databases, web shops and POS systems used by our members,” said Geoff Miles, CEO, On Course Golf. “Intelligent Reach helped us build a seamless marketplace, so our members don’t have to do the work.”

“It’s exciting to partner with Marketplacer to help facilitate the next stage of growth for retailers and brands in e-commerce,” added Thomas. “Having Intelligent Reach seamlessly integrate with the Marketplacer offering ensures that our customers will be able to maximize their online sales and take their business to new levels.”

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