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Bayzat upgrades enhance operational efficiencies and employee experience

Bayzat upgrades enhance operational efficiencies and employee experience

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Bayzat, one of the UAE’s leading employee benefits platforms that helps companies automate their insurance, payroll and HR administration, has announced significant upgrades to its flagship employee benefits platform aimed at empowering UAE organisations to achieve key business outcomes in the post-pandemic world.

“While the economic recovery is well underway in the UAE, organisations remain under pressure to drive operational efficiencies and contain costs, particularly in process-heavy departments such as HR and payroll. At the same time, business leaders are having to adapt to a new breed of employees who are more tech-savvy and have higher expectations of the benefits they receive from their employers,” said Talal Bayaa, CEO and Co-Founder at Bayzat.

Improved efficiencies across HR, payroll and insurance

With employees heading back to the office and companies starting to hire again, as the market continues to recover from the impact of COVID-19, Bayzat has just launched a range of high impact features that enable companies to save time and money: 

  • Automated mileage reimbursements: As a new addition to Bayzat’s widely used expense management feature, employees can now get automatically reimbursed for fuel costs based on mileage driven.
  • Biometric integrations: Bayzat users are now able to integrate their biometric systems directly with the platform, allowing them to take full advantage of the connectivity between Bayzat’s attendance, time off and payroll offerings. 
  • Automated payroll functionality: Deep integrations across Bayzat’s attendance, shift scheduler and payroll features enable organisations to better track employee work hours and leave, no matter where they are based with the end of month deductions and compensations being automatically adjusted within a company’s payroll table.
  • Click of a button payroll processing: To further reduce the time taken to manage company payroll at months end, companies can now process payroll directly from the Bayzat platform, significantly reducing the time it takes to pay employees 
  • Letter requests: This feature makes it seamless for HR departments to create customisable letter templates and track and manage requests, such as no-objection certificates (NOCs) and salary certificates.
  • Enhanced insurance management: By revamping the group policy module, Bayzat has enabled its customers to always access their active members list and easily track employee policies to help avoid regulatory fines.

With millennials now constituting more than half the UAE workforce and COVID-19 hyper-accelerating the need for companies to provide their employees with better work-life experiences via technology offerings, Bayzat, in 2021, has experienced 20% MoM growth with over 60,000 employees logging into its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) employee benefits platform 700,000 plus times a month.

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