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Partnership to plant Ghaf trees using breathable sand

Partnership to plant Ghaf trees using breathable sand

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Dake Rechsand partnered with Goumbook and JA Hotels and Resorts to plant a total of 20 Ghaf saplings in Dubai’s resort, supporting the social enterprise’s long-running ‘Give a Ghaf’ campaign to conserve the threatened indigenous plant. 

Goumbook teamed up with Dake Rechsand, a Dubai-based company offering sustainable solutions in water conservation and desert farming, to run a series of experiments in the UAE, in order to grow plants and trees in desert regions. Dake Rechsand’s proprietary breathable sand, with its ability to retain water for extensive periods and allow free passage of air, helps overcome challenges such as water scarcity and arid climate, to make desert cultivation easier. The breathable sand enables optimal productivity, while reducing water requirements by up to 80%.

Ghaf, the national tree of the UAE, symbolises the region’s quest for sustainability and desert greening. Since 2010, Goumbook, a leading social enterprise promoting sustainability and green practices, has been at the forefront of planting ghaf trees across the region, in collaboration with municipalities, local companies, landowners, and passionate individuals. Goumbook has thus far planted over 95,000 ghaf trees.

Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder of Dake Rechsand, lauded JA The Resort’s tree planting drive, citing it as an example of leadership in sustainability. “We partnered with Goumbook to power its campaign using our water-wise medium. The involvement of a brand like JA The Resort has the potential to influence the rest of the hospitality sector, and will hopefully drive similar projects across the entire industry,” Chandra added.

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